Monday, January 6, 2014


I've thought quite a bit about blogging over the last several months, and finally decided to "take the plunge," and start.

I've debated whether to have multiple blogs on different topics, or to combine several topics into one blog. For the present, I've decided to go with the latter.

Here are some of the things you will most likely find here in the future. These are listed in a more or less random order; different "subjects" will take "center stage" at different times.

  • Personal applications of different Scripture passages as I memorize and / or review them.
  • Impacts of thought-provoking books or articles I've read, or videos I've watched.
  • Lessons I've gleaned from the "common" occurrences of everyday life
  • Gardening (Even though we've had a garden a few random, widely scattered years, after an intensive week of training in WV last April, we're enlarging it and starting from scratch -- including the proper soil  amendments.)
  • Adoption information, especially as it relates to special needs international adoption. I've read a lot of adoption blogs and adoption-related web sites over the last couple of years, and have bookmarked pages that would seem (to me) to be helpful to anyone in the adoption process.
  • Advocating for 
    • specific children in need of families, 
    • specific families in the adoption process,
    • specific countries, especially those which do not allow pictures of their available children to be posted on the Internet,
    • specific diagnoses that can "scare" people out of adopting, along with resources for dealing with those conditions and links to blog articles written by families who have adopted one or more children with that diagnosis,
    • specific organizations that exist for the sole purpose of finding families for orphans through adoption, and (but not necessarily limited to)
    • specific individuals and / or organizations that are making a difference in the lives of unadopted children in the institutions they call "home."
  • Health-related information
  • Homeschooling-related information
  • Other random things that may pop up from time to time.
All of us grow by exchanging ideas -- and especially by discussing things we see differently, so I welcome comments and questions. 

Thanks for following along!


P. S. I have had an interest in Special Needs International Adoption since November, 2010. One of the reasons I started this blog is to give me a platform to use to advocate for some of these special children who are locked away in hidden institutions in many countries, children who have no voice of their own. As you can see from looking at both of my sidebars, there is a lot of adoption info here, even if my blog posts don't always specifically relate to that topic.

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