Friday, January 31, 2014


Girl, Born Jan 17, 2002


Chrystyna is a beautiful, brown haired, brown eyed girl
who deserves a chance at a better life!  

This is one of the two pictures on her profile when I first "met" her in December, 2010.

Her official orphanage papers say she has 
developmental delays/difficulties from birth,
 but nothing more specific than that.  

It is possible she has FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). 

"Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a condition that results from alcohol exposure during pregnancy. Problems that may be caused by fetal alcohol syndrome include physical deformities, mental retardation, learning disorders, vision difficulties and behavioral problems.
"The problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome vary from child to child, but defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible."
(This could be the cause of the "developmental delays" at the beginning of her profile.)

Yes, this sounds a bit "scary" -- but, really, in God's sight,
and in the light of Romans 3:23
("For all have sinned,
and come short of the glory of God.")
don't all of us have (spiritual) "developmental delays / difficulties from birth"?

Sin was not "our fault."
We were born into it,
and yet --
Christ left heaven and came to rescue us!
He knew we were worth it!

These things are not Chrystyna's fault, either.
She was born with them.
Is someone willing to rescue her?
She's worth it!

Her biological mother was deprived her parental rights in December 2004.

This means she probably lived with at least her mother until just before her third birthday in January, 2005.

Chrystyna has at least one biological sister (whether full of half is not stated), Karen

Unfortunately, Karen turned 18 in January, and is no longer available for adoption. 
However, she was in the same region as Chrystyna before she aged out, 
which means that an adoptive family could possibly connect with her 
while adopting  Chrystyna, 
and (hopefully) establish some kind of permanent contact.

What kind of memories (if any) does Chrystyna have of her mother? 
Her sister, Karen?
 any other siblings that might be out there? 
Extended family -- Grandparents? aunts? uncles? cousins?

Was it alcohol that split her family, 
caused her mother to loose parental rights, 
and separated her from her mother and sister ?

and the biological father is not known. 

This is sad -- but it doesn't make Chrystyna any less valuable.
She still has a heavenly Father Who loves her more than she knows,
It is just one more reason why she needs an adoptive family!

At some point, not too long after I first "met" her, (probably 2011?), she was moved from the institution back to a much better facility, with better care -- and her condition improved somewhat.
In 2012, her condition seemed to be improving.
By 2013, it was starting back downhill.
(Below is an updated picture from 2013)

You can read the rest of Chrystyna's profile
(including more details on the updates mentioned above)

Is it possible that your family,
or another family you know,
would have a spot at your table for this young lady?

Would you be willing to pray about it before you say a flat out, "No"?

You can read about the adoption process HERE.

International adoption is expensive. 
nearly half of the in-country costs for her country have already been raised!

Chrystyna has
$10,617.28 (1/31/14)
$10,628.98 (2/4/14)
$10,646.98 (3/16/14)
$10,754.98 (5/6/14)
in a grant fund
to help cover the cost of her adoption.

If your cannot adopt her 
(and there are many valid reasons why families are not in a position to adopt!)

Could you share her picture and her need --
On social media?
On your blog?
With your friends?
At church?

Could you donate to her adoption fund
to make it easier for another family to adopt her?
(No donation is too small, and even small donations add up!!)

Could you pray for her?

I have been praying for both Karen and Chrystyna for over 3 years,
sporadically at first,
 but daily for over a year.

Would you join me?

And, while you're at it, could you please pray for Julie, too?
(5/6/14 update): Julie has passed her 16th birthday now, 
making her "too old" to be adopted, 
but she's still a special, struggling teen, and still needs our prayers.

If you're concerned about adopting an "older child," 

you might find this blog

(by a mother of 4 adopted "older girls")



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