This page is for links to helpful gardening sites I've found.

  • In the spring of 2013, John and I went through Bob Gregory's training program in West Virginia. Bob has extensive experience in both commercial and organic gardening. He currently supports himself and  his family with their small market garden. The training sounds expensive, but is well worth the cost, when you consider that it includes food, lodging, and all you learn, in an intensive 5-day course. (We've been a bit slow, but are working towards getting our garden running the way he suggests.)
  • Here's a complimentary video from Born to Grow University that you might also find helpful. I've joined their online university, and have found what little I've been able to watch beneficial. Unfortunately, due to very limited Internet, I haven't been able to download very many of the videos, and have only had time to watch a few of the ones I have been able to download. I do like what I see, and would like to encourage you to check it out.

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